Last year ISY adopted eight strategic objectives as well as a new mission, vision and tagline.  One of our strategic objective is to become a school and community where service is core to everything we do. Our new tagline: Global Learners. Lifelong Service highlights the importance that ISY places on our students becoming a force for positive change in the world. As part of this commitment to service, ISY has a new annual Community Service Award. Each year we highlight one person from the ISY community who is actively engaged in fulfilling our collective goal of being a force for positive change.

To nominate a member of the ISY Community please fill out the below form.

    • has made volunteerism and community service a way of life
    • is someone who can demonstrate, through their civic involvement, how the quality of life in their community has been enhanced and
    • is a community member who can be held up to our students as an example of life-long service.
    • Please also list any organizations or projects with which the nominee has been involved