Part of the role in a community is to pass on the knowledge, skills, and talents gained from experience with up and coming generations. As ISY has a wonderful variety of parent and local experts connected with the community, we’ve decided to create a directory of those who might be willing to be called on throughout the year to share their expertise with the ISY students. This sharing might involve speaking with a class or grade level about a project they are working on, or working with an after school activity that is trying to address a specific issue that you have knowledge about.

If you or a representative from your organization would be happy to be added to our ISY Local Experts Directory, please fill out this form. We will use this information to record your contact details and the areas of expertise that you or someone in your organization might be willing to speak about or work together with students towards addressing an issue.

Thank you for your support of ISY. Please contact Mr. Todd Davis, the Service Learning Coordinator, at if you would like any further information.